Forming cherry crowns for mechanical harvesting of fruits

Forming cherry crowns for mechanical harvesting of fruits.

In America and in some European countries as much as 80% the cherry fruit is harvested by shaking it. For this purpose, standard trees with a crown in height are formed 80-100 cm from the ground. The crown at this height is not difficult to form in strongly growing varieties such as Kerezer or Montmorency.. In our orchards, however, mainly low-growing varieties are planted, mainly Lutówka, which, when grafted with an antistine, gives bushy trees and not suitable for the development of a trunk. Obtaining a trunk requires a lot of effort and delays the fruiting of trees due to intensive pruning. The necessity of mechanization of cherry fruit harvesting may, however, force growers to form stump trees.In such a case, tree formation should be started in the nursery. The side branches must be removed in the first year after inoculation, in order to stimulate the growth of the conductor in length. Then you have to remove these shoots smoothly in August. Proceeding in this way, you will get high bud, which will be easy to form further in the orchard (Lynx.).

Lynx. In order to obtain high-growing cherries for mechanical harvesting, the lower shoots must be removed from the nursery.

It is understandable, that trees already formed in the nursery must be correspondingly more expensive than non-formed trees.

After planting them in the orchard, they must be pruned at a height of 100-120 cm from the ground. A stake must be placed next to each tree and a handler tied to it. After trimming the conductor, side branches appear on it. We choose 3-4 of them to form the branches, and we remove the rest during the summer. Shoots selected for boughs must be bent to a horizontal position with the help of staples.

In the second year, 3 or 4 shoots are left for the limbs again, removing excess shoots (Lynx.).

Lynx. Forming the crown of cherries for mechanical harvesting of fruits; we only leave after 3 shoots in two whorls.

For mechanical harvesting, trees with a limited number of limbs are best 6-8 (Lynx.).

Lynx. For mechanical harvesting of fruit, the crown of cherries should have a high trunk and 6-8 branches.

The limited number of branches makes it easier to attach the vibrator when shaking the fruit. Crowns with any number of branches can be formed, but then before starting mechanical harvesting, some of the boughs have to be cut out in the spring.