Forming lane cherry crowns

Forming lane cherry crowns.

The free span can be formed without scaffolding by bending and tying the shoots to pins driven into the ground under the trees or to horizontal wires stretched at the height 40 cm above the ground, along the row.

After planting one-year-old maiden trees to the orchard, they should be doubled up to a height of approx 50 cm. If in the place where the branches are to grow, we find side shoots, we leave it 2 or 4 of them, rising in a row line. These shoots are slightly shortened, and trim the guide at the height 50 cm above the last shoot. In the absence of side branches, cut the conductor at the height 70 cm from the ground. During early summer, clips may be attached to the guide to correct the bifurcation angles, but they are not strictly required. The buckles slightly facilitate further shaping. In the second year. after planting, bend the side shoots growing in the row to a horizontal position and attach to pins or horizontal wires. Remove excess shoots. The guide must be shortened in case it exceeds its length 50 cm measured from the highest side branch.

In the third and fourth year, we bend the next shoots, similar to the second year, guiding the crown to a height of approx 2 m (Lynx.).

Lynx. Bending of shoots while forming the crown of a lane of cherry.

Once formed, the conductor should be bent horizontally or removed.

Currently, there are two options for shaking cherry fruit from low-growing trees. The fruit can be shaken off by hand with Ethrel. Ethrel helps to separate the fruit from the shoots. After spraying the trees, the fruit can be shaken 7 days later on the grasping frame placed under the crown.

Construction works are also underway on a combine harvesting fruit in a row orchard. There is hope, that in a few years such a harvester will be available for large cherry orchards.