Decorative plants



The forget-me-not grown in gardens is a garden variety of the forest forget-me-not (Mycsotis sihatica). It is suitable for narrow rebates and borders, as well as a cut flower. The stems are thin, branched, raised or lopsided. Soft leaves, a bit hairy, ovoid-oblong. Small flowers, collected in loose, top bunches. It blooms from May to July. It grows up to 15-25 cm. It grows well on average, but constantly moist garden soil. Requires frequent and fairly abundant watering. Its advantage is, that it grows well and blooms in partial shade.

We sow the seeds in June – July to a cold inspection or on a seedbed. After a month, we dive the seedlings, spaced 5X5 cm, and when they start to form "bushes" – we transplant to a spare bed or to a permanent place. For the winter, we cover it with leaves or, better, branches of conifers. Forget-me-nots are planted with a spacing of 15X25 cm. Variations: Bryza – show. 16-17 cm, compact plant habit, spherical, white flowers with yellow eye; Blue basket (Blue shopping cart) – show. 20-25 cm, compact plant habit, dark blue flowers, Indigo (compact) – show. 20-25 cm, compact plant habit, spherical, blue flowers; Pompadour (compact) – show. 15-20 cm, compact plant habit, carmine pink flowers, Świteź – show. 15-17 cm, compact plant habit, spherical, blue flowers with yellow eye; Ultramarine (compact) -show. 15 cm, compact plant habit, spherical, dark blue flowers