Floksy (Phlox), also called flames in gardening practice are divided into two groups: high phloxes and low phloxes. The former grow up to a height 40-140 cm, bloom from June to September, apply to homogeneous rebates, groups, rows and cut flower. Low phloxes can be used as carpet plants, in a sunny position and in partial shade, in flower beds and in rock gardens. Height to 20 cm. They bloom in April – May or May-June.

Phloxes are propagated by division and cuttings. By making a division, the middle ones are discarded, lignified parts of clumps. The cuttings are cut from healthy 2-3-year-old plants, the length of the seedling should not exceed 8-10 cm. They can also be propagated from root cuttings. Phloxes require fertile soil. The more fertile the soil, the more magnificent is the growth and flowering, and greater disease resistance. To induce more profuse flowering, it is recommended to pinch off the shoots before the appearance of the first flower buds and to cut out the faded parts of the stems. – this will extend the flowering period. In good, fertile land, with annual feed, phloxes can grow 10-15 years.

From the group of tall phloxes, the following species are grown:

Phlox Arendsa – it is a hybrid of height 30-70 cm, flowers have shades: lila, blue, white, It blooms from June to August, depending on trim. Among the varieties, they deserve attention: Hanna – show. 50-60 cm, purplish pink; Hilda – show. 60 cm, white with a pink eye; Charlotte – show. do 60 cm, white lilac flowers with dark lilac eyes.

Floks wiechowaty (Phlox paniculata) show. 50-140 cm, depending on the variety. Thanks to the huge color scale (from white, through light shades to bright red and finally dark purple) you can create interesting discount compositions. Aida can be mentioned among the more interesting varieties – show. 50 cm, peony-purple flowers, blooms from early July; Europe – show. 100 cm, white flowers with a red eye.

Floks szydlasty (The phlox was brought down) short – produces carpets of height 10 cm. Strongly branched shoots, creeping up. Equilibrium or acicular leaves, strongly hairy. Flowers in light shades, pink, lilac and white. During flowering (April – May) completely cover the plants. The botanical variety Nivalis has larger flowers, White.

Canadian phlox (Phlox divaricata) short – grows up to 25 cm and has oval leaves, fragrant flowers, bluetoll, Red, White.