Decorative plants

The oddball – Decorative pumpkin

The oddball – Decorative pumpkin


The oddball (Mirabilis) it is planted in flowerbeds and as a single plant or in groups, because it grows up to height 60-80 cm. The stems are thick, stiff, large leaves, ovate or heart-shaped. Fragrant flowers, quite big, tubular-funnel-shaped, collected after 5-6 w baldachy. The flowers open only in the evening and at night, and on cloudy days. They can be white, Red, yellow, dark purple. It blooms from July to October. Requires fertile soil, deeply cultivated, hotter, sunny position or partial shade. The seeds are sown in April for inspection or in May directly into the ground. It is planted with a spacing of 40X50 cm.


Decorative pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo), calabash, is a climbing or creeping plant, reaches a height of several meters. The stems are thick, rough, hairy, with sticky whiskers. Large leaves, klapowate, yellow flowers, with a bell-shaped crown. It is grown for decorative fruits of various sizes, shape and color – one thing- or multi-colored. It is used to cover gazebos, walls and fences. It blooms in July and August. It grows best in fertile soil and in an unshaded position. Seeds are sown in April in pots placed in an inspection or in an apartment on a sunny windowsill. You can sow in May straight into the ground after 2-3 grains spaced 100X150 cm. The sale includes a mixture of seeds of different varieties giving fruits of different shapes: round, flattened, elongated, jajowate, smooth or grooved and of different colors: yellow, red, salmon, green.