Garden bell


Garden bell (Campanula medium), called a hubcap, it grows up to the height 40-90 cm and is grown in flower beds, in clusters and on a cut flower. Plants are characterized by sublime, with a pyramidal habit and stiff stems. The leaves are small, serrated, the lower ones form a rosette. Flowers, gathered in significant sizes top clusters, they are large and shaped like bells. They can be single or semi-double, about colors: purple, blue, lilac, pink and white. They bloom in June, July and August of the following year after sowing. Seeds are sown in May or June for a cold inspection or on a seedbed. When the seedlings have 3-4 leaves, we pick them up on the prepared seedbed plots, at a distance of 4X5 cm, and in the first days of September we are transplanting to permanent places, spaced 30X50 cm. In winter, these plants should be lightly covered. They grow well in a sunny position, sheltered, on fertile and moist soil.

Molds are available for sale: bell low, about colors: white, pink, blue and purple, single-flowered; tall, about height. 90 cm, in colors: white, blue-violet, pink; cup, about height. 80 cm, large flower cup, obtuse, at the base it forms a kind of base for a wide crown, of the same color, like a cup of flowers: white, violet-violet, pink.

Peach-leaved bellflower (Campanula persicifolia) has stiff stems, raised up, short hairy, lanceolate leaves, narrow, shiny. Flowers gathered in long, scrawny clusters, erected, light blue or white, with a crown made of fused petals, petals indented at the ends, free. Single and semi-double flowers. Plant height 75 cm. Likes permeable soil, dry, sandy loam, sunny position.