Autumn business – Fragrant violet


Autumn business (Helenium autumnale) it belongs to the highest species of this beautifully flowering plant, because it reaches a height of up to 2 m. There are also lower varieties within this species, about height 60 cm. They are plants with stiff stems, erected, twisted leaves, full-edge or serrated, converging, single flower baskets or gathered in canopy-clustered panicles. Marginal lingual flowers, three-pronged, yellow or brown-purple. Purple-brown tubular flowers. Dzielżan can be propagated in spring by dividing or from cuttings or by sowing in April – May to a cold inspection. It grows well in sandy loam and humus soil, on a humid and sunny position. Shared, especially high, can be planted next to fences, as well as in perennial beds. They are perfect as a cut flower. The autumn leaflet has flower baskets with a diameter 3-5 cm, lingual long flowers 5 cm, yellow or bicolor – red-brown, tubular flowers yellow. It blooms in July-October. Of the varieties of this species, they are more interesting: Grandicephalum -wys. 100 cm, lingual flowers – yellow, tubular (means) – Brown, blooms in July and August; Moerheim – show. 60-70 cm, dark yellow flowers, June blooms – July. The lowest species is Helenium hopesii – Hoopes's neighborhood of heights 40-50 cm. It has branched stems, hairy in youth, densely leafy, with one or more baskets, leaves quite long, oblong-lanceolate, lower – vane. Lingual flowers up to 3 cm, yellow, the tubular flowers are yellow too. It blooms in May – June. It is planted with a spacing of 40X50 cm.


Fragrant violet (Violet scented) is a well-known runner of height 5-10 cm. Decorative all year round thanks to its heart-shaped–rounded, green leaves all winter long. It blooms purple from March to May. Often repeats flowering in the fall. Virtually violets can be planted anywhere, except for extremely sandy and completely dry soils, However, they grow and bloom best in humus and not too dry soil. The easiest way to reproduce violets is by separating young plants growing on long runners. The most appropriate time for this activity is June, when the plants have bloomed. Separated plants should be planted first on the seedbed and watered carefully, a po 4 weeks, when they take root, transplant it to its destination. You can also divide the plants before flowering or in August. It is planted with a spacing of 15X15 cm or 20X20 cm. There are cultivars with full flowers, red and white and with large flowers, e.g.. variety Triumph.