Elegant zinnia


Elegant zinnia (Zinnia elegans), also called Jacobinka, it is grown mainly as a cut flower. It has thick stems, stiff, brittle. Heart-ovate or elongated leaves, rough, opposite, include the stem. Inflorescences, in the form of a basket with a diameter 4-15 cm, they can be single or full, about colors: white, creamy, yellow, orange, golden yellow, carmine, pink, scarlet, red.

Zinnia bloom from July to October. They bloom more or less after 3 months from the time of sowing. Medium height zinnia are most often grown (about 40 cm), suitable for rebates and cutting. Specially intended as a cut flower, tall varieties are planted (80-100 cm), with very large flowers. There are also dwarf zinnias (15-20 cm), forming compact, almost spherical bushes.

Zinnias require very fertile, well-fertilized and moist soil and a sunny position.

The seeds are sown in March or April for a semi-warm inspection (poorly heated). You can also try to sow tin in late March in boxes in the apartment. After germination, they first appear 2 cotyledons, then the first leaf. At this point, the zinnia should be quilted with a 5X5 cm spacing. A good way to prepare zinnia seedlings is to plant the seedlings in pots, preferably earthen. During emergence and in the seedling phase, the temperature should be kept at around 18 ° C. Tin is planted permanently in the ground at the end of May, in spacing: for low varieties – 15X20 cm, for tall – 30X40 cm. It is also possible, if we don't care about early flowering, sow it in May directly into the ground. The plants must then be discontinued, keeping the above-mentioned distances.

As a result of breeding, many forms were obtained that differed in size of inflorescences, the arrangement and shape of the flowers, as well as the power of plant growth.

We distinguish among them:

Fl. Pl. Chrysantha – show. 80-90 cm. Large flower baskets with a diameter 12-15 cm, lingual flowers rolled into a medium-thick or thin "needle", fancifully arranged in the middle of the basket and sticking upwards. Variations: Blaze – shining flowers, scarlet orange, Burpees varieties hybrida – a mixture of different colors, Empress - pink, Floradale Scarlet – blood red, Glamour Girls – a mixture of pastel colors, Red Man – scarlet red, Riverside Beauty – apricot pink with a lilac bloom, Sun God – golden yellow.

Fl. Pl. Dahliaeflora – show. 80 cm. Inflorescences full, in diameter 10-12 cm, broad lingual flowers, tiled, slightly raised. Variations: Canary Bird – canary-yellow flowers, Coral Beauty – salmon scarlet. Eldorado – salmon pink, Golden Dawn – shiny, golden yellow, Golden State – Orange, Jovita – dark red scarlet, Church – light yellow. Meteor – dark, crimson red, Oriole – Orange, Scarlet Flame – red-scarlet. Will Rogers – shiny, scarlet red.

Fl. Pl. Cupid – show. 25-30 cm, full and half full flower baskets, spherical structure, in diameter 4-5 cm, broad lingual flowers, tiled, scarlet, orange, yellow, white.

Fl. Pl. Kobold – show. 40-60 cm, full flower baskets with a diameter 6 cm, broad lingual flowers, tiled, in different colors.

Fl. Pl. Early Wonder- show. 60 cm. Full and semi-double inflorescences, semicircular construction, in diameter 5-6 cm, lingual flowers arranged in a tile-like pattern, pink, red and cherry – depending on the variety.

Fl. Pl. Thubelina – show. 15-20 cm. Inflorescences full, spherical structure with a diameter 3,5 – 5 cm, lingual flowers arranged in a tile-like pattern, white, yellow, pink, lavender, orange, scarlet.