Cutting frozen trees

Cutting frozen trees.

If the trees freeze over, the cutting should be postponed until late spring. In the second half of April, and in May at the latest, frozen parts from healthy parts can be recognized. Buds on frozen branches do not develop or dry up after the first leaves appear.

Even in an average winter, young trees planted in the orchard in autumn get cold. Planted trees are less resistant to frost. If we notice symptoms of frost on trees, one thing, two or three years old, not promising their further development, then we trim them close to the ground just above the refinement. As a rule, the lowest part of the tree hidden under the snow is healthy. After cutting, it breaks out a few increments, of which we choose one and tie it to a stake placed next to each tree. Peel the remaining shoots over 2-3 a leaf. The trees must be inspected several times over the course of the summer and the stem must be tied to the stake as it grows. Such a shoot usually branches beautifully to form a crown in the first year. In the second year, we cut all these shoots smooth, which were removed in the previous year.

In very cold winters, the trunks of some trees and the forks of boughs freeze. In this case, shorten the branches strongly in spring, in order to reduce the surface area of ​​the leaves at the beginning of vegetation and thus the evaporation of water. Cutting makes it easier for trees to rebuild the conductive beams.

If the crown has been damaged by frost, cut the trees in April or May, shortening the branches of young trees to a great extent. 1 m, and in old copies to 2 m. After hard cutting, the remaining limb stumps are supplied with plenty of water and mineral salts, because in spite of freezing cold, the wood is still electrically conductive. Under these conditions, phloem cells are soon regenerated and the frozen layers of the cortex are rebuilt. In a short time, the tree resumes its life functions and produces many strong shoots. These shoots can be used to restore the crown of the tree the following year.

Apple tree in the second year after freezing; frozen branches were removed, leaving young shoots to restore the crown.