Garden pansy


Garden pansy, (Viola wittrockisna), that is, large-flowered, is one of the most popular biennial plants. It has a lot of use – because it is suitable for flower beds, fringes, for balcony boxes and small bouquets. The stems are quadrate, raised or piled up. Lower leaves ovate-cordate, upper narrow, lancetowate, smooth, serrated. Big flowers, flat, five petals (mounted singly on stalks), of different color: monochromatic, three-spot or five-spot, striped, veined, about smooth flakes, wavy or heavily crimped. Pansies bloom from the first days of April to the end of June. However, they are the most beautiful until the end of May, they become smaller later. They are not demanding in terms of soil, the average garden is enough for them, but damp. They can grow in sunny places, but they bloom longer in the penumbra. Plant height 15-20 cm.

Seeds sown in June – in August to a cold inspection or on a seedbed. We leave for permanent places in September or early spring, spaced 15X20 cm. They perfectly tolerate transplanting. Pansies come in many varieties and breeds. It lists the CNOS listed in the Catalog of ornamental plants for sale:

Viola wittrockiana winter – show. 15-20 cm, compact plant habit, large flowers, round or triple leaf structure, in diameter 4-5 cm, smooth flakes. Very early. Variations: Lemons – pure yellow flowers without eyelets, corrugated petals; Eiskoenig – silvery white with a purple eyelet; The flames – coppery red shades, yellow-orange coating with a dark eye; Queen of Heaven – light blue shades without eyelets; Jupiter – purple-violet, the upper petals are bluish-white; beacon – scarlet red shades with a dark eye; Mars – shades of bluish-violet and blue with a dark eye; The spell of March – dark, purple-blue without eyelets; Weirot – wine red with a shade of purple without mesh; Winter sun – golden yellow with a brown eye; Snowman – white with a small yellow eye.

Viola wittrockiana Hollender giant – Dutch – show. 15-20 cm, very large flowers, in diameter 6-7 cm, round, petals often folded.

Variations: White, red in different shades and blue in different shades, Orange, golden yellow.

Viola wittrockiana swiss giants – Swiss – show. 15-25 if, compact plant habit, very large flowers, in diameter 6-10 cm: smooth or wavy petals, purely colored or with a large spot overlapping three or five petals. Stiff flower stalk, long.

Variations: Alpenglouhen – different shades of red with dark spots; Bern – dark purple with a blue tint, no stains, Bioumlssaip – shades from light – to dark pink with dark spots; Coronation Gold – golden yellow without a stain; Firnengold – golden yellow with dark spots; Firn snow – creamy white without stain; Flame – shades of copper-red with yellow-orange coating and dark spots; beacon – red shades with dark spots; Orange Ringing – Sure, golden orange without stain; Thunersee – blue in different shades with dark spots.