Velvet (Tagetes)


Velvet (Tagetes) it is used to fill borders on rebates, as well as a cut flower. It has a distinctive, quite pungent smell, which not everyone likes. However, there are already varieties without smell, and even a pleasant scent. Tagetes grows well in almost any soil, in a sunny position, and even in partial shade. The plant has thick or thin stems, erected, branched. Pinnate leaves, with a regularly notched edge. Single flower baskets, full or half full, mounted singly on stalks. In the basket there are lingual or tubular flowers in shades of colors: yellow, orange, brown-red or two-color.

Varieties of three species of marigold are grown: the tag is erected (The mats were erected) – grows up to a height 40-100 cm, the tagetes scattered (Tagetes patula) – has tall forms – 40-70 cm and dwarfs – 20-30 cm, velvet leaf (Tagetes tennifolia) growing up to height 30 cm.

Tagetes erected, intended for a cut flower, is planted at a distance of 30X35 cm or 40X50 cm. The clove type is distinguished – with lingual flowers with slightly wavy or strongly curled edges and a chrysanthemum type – with extended and long tubular flowers, with often jagged edges; in the basket, the first whorls are bent outwards, the middle ones stick up.

They are known from the varieties: Alaska – show. 60-80 cm, clove-type inflorescences, in diameter 8-12 cm, bright flowers, creamy yellow, Fancy Frills – show. 65-80 cm, inflorescences also of a clove type in diameter 8-11 cm, orange flowers, Fantastic – show. 75 cm, inflorescences of chrysanthemum type in diameter 8-12 cm, dark orange flowers. Hawaii (medium early) – show. 80-90 cm, clove-type inflorescences in diameter 10-15 cm, shining flowers, Orange, needed. Man in moon (early) – show. 85-100 cm, clove-type inflorescences in diameter 12 cm, pale cream-yellow flowers. Mary Helen – show. 60-75 cm, clove-type inflorescences in diameter 9-12 cm, lemon yellow flowers. Real Gold (early) – show. 70-90 cm, clove-type inflorescences in diameter 12-14 cm, golden orange flowers. Titan's (early) – show. 65-80, clove-type inflorescences, loose layout, orange flowers.

Dwarf forms reach height 20-30 cm and have a compact habit. Large inflorescences, full, chrysanthemum type in diameter 6-8 cm. Flower baskets consist of one whorl of lingual flowers with wavy edges and tubular flowers. Among the dwarf forms we distinguish medium-early varieties: Cupid yellow – bright yellow, Cupido Gold – golden yellow, Spun Gold – upright habit of plants, golden yellow flowers.

There are many types and varieties within the leaf velvet, which differ in height and structure of inflorescences. The inflorescences are full, monochromatic, two-colored or mottled. Flower baskets consist of ligament flowers and tubular flowers, or only ligament flowers.

Varieties with tiled inflorescences, full: Harlequin show. 15-20 cm, lingual flowers and bicolor tubular flowers, golden orange with a large crimson stain at the base, early; Pretty bolero – show. 25 cm, yellow-orange lingual flowers with an irregular purplish-red blotch, early; Pretty Carmen -wys. 25 cm, Lingual brown-red flowers with irregular rusty-red spots, the center of the inflorescence with small yellow spots, early; Kotombina – show. 20 cm, lingual flowers and a few bicolor tubular flowers, yellow-orange with an irregular magenta blotch, medium early; Mikrus – show. 15-18 cm, ligular flowers and a few orange tubular flowers, early.

From other varieties they are grown: King tut – show. 15-20 cm, full diameter inflorescences 5 cm, dwubarwne, lingual crimson flowers with a honey-yellow margin, tubular flowers honey-yellow; Liliput Petite – show. 20-25 cm, semi-dispersed plant habit, full inflorescences, embedded over the leaves in diameter 3-4 cm, has lemon yellow flowers (Gelb Yellow), golden yellow (Gold) and orange (Orange). Spry – show. 20-25 cm, spherical inflorescences, full, in diameter 3-4 cm, dwubarwne – liger flowers in one whorl, red mahogany color, golden-yellow tubular flowers. Tangerine -wise. 30-35 cm, type of clove inflorescence. Compact plant habit, full diameter inflorescences 4,5-5 cm, intense orange, early.

The narrow-leaved tagetes has a compact plant habit, spherical, single flower baskets, minor, in diameter 1,6-2 cm. It blooms profusely and for a long time.

It has varieties: Lulu – lemon yellow, Ursula – golden yellow with an orange spot at the base of the petals.