Decorative plants

Mexican ageratum


Mexican ageratum (Ageratum houstonianum), in Polish żeniszek, is a short plant (10- 25 cm), about small ones, spherical, as if fluffy flowers, collected in dense inflorescences. Plants have branched stems, often lying on the ground. Small leaves, heart-shaped, dark green. It blooms from July to October. The most beautiful are the varieties in various shades of blue – light blue, blue-lilac and deep blue. There are also white and purple-violet. Żeniszek is suitable for borders and narrow discounts as well as for balconies for boxes. Seeds are sown from February to April in a heated greenhouse or in a warm inspection. At home, they are sown into boxes in early March. When the plants have produced their second leaf, they should be quilted at a 5X5 cm spacing. You can also sow on a seedbed in April. The seedlings are transplanted to permanent places in the second half of May, spaced 10X15 cm.

The more famous varieties include:

Slush carpet (The blue carpet) – show. 15 cm, large inflorescences, blue flowers;

Domino – show. 15 cm, large inflorescences, dark blue flowers;

Eureka – show. 15 cm, large inflorescences, black, pink flowers;

Azure – show. 12 cm, large inflorescences, black, dark flowers, lilaniebieskie;

Mini – show. 12 cm, large inflorescences, black, bright flowers, bluetoll;

Tetra Blue Mink – show. 20 cm; Sure, lilaniebieskie, blooms profusely.