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Category:  Biological pest control
Country:  France
Contact person:

Régis Wartelle
Project Manager
Chambre Régionale d’Agriculture de Picardie
19 bis rue Alexandre Dumas
80096 Amiens cedex 3
Tel: +33
Mail :
Auximore Project : ;


AuxiMORE is a national project studying the balance between the reduction of phytosanitary products and the effiency of agriculture. The project is focusing on the enhancement of the fauna naturally present in the environment in order to reduce the quantity of chemicals used in agriculture. The knowledge about the biology and life development of insects (pests and control agents) is necessary to establish best practices.
This project is divided in 4 goals:
1.    To gather data and know-hows to inform farmers and consultant;
2.    To set up some protocols of monitoring and to test them ;
3.    To promote innovating growing systems and to educate farmers ;
4.    To communicate about the tools created and to help farmers to appropriate them.
The different goals are handled by different partners of the project.


The aim of this project is to gather together the agro ecological knowledge on biological pest control at different scales: the plot, the farm and the landscape. This knowledge will allow the creation of tools: training material, website for insect identification, monitoring protocols for insects...


The project is lead by the “Chambre Régionale d’Agriculture de Picardie” in cooperation with 14 partners (some organizations from the agricultural development sector, research or training) The French Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry is funding this project. 


-    Synthesis of knowledge of the research, of the agricultural development and the training about the fauna.
-    The development of tools for  diagnosis and monitoring
-    Training materials, to allow famers and consultants to implement biological pest control.
-    A platform website with scientific articles
-    A final symposium

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